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While on everyone’s mind, we would like to take this time to point out that we are following the CDC guidelines. We are taking safety measures to prevent and spreading of the coronavirus.

In addition to our regular disinfecting and sanitation routines, we have trained staff to the CDC standards. Here are the steps we are following when entering & cleaning your home:

  1. We are washing our hands upon entering & exiting every home, store, & office.
  2. We are using hospital-grade disinfectant and following the dwell times on surfaces and frequently touched areas such as light fixtures, doorknobs, countertops, and faucets (kitchen & bathroom).
  3. Our staff has always been instructed to wear gloves in client’s homes and to use a new pair when switching rooms. 
  4. We are limiting the amount of staff we are sending to various locations to minimize exposure.
  5. We are using steam & heat techniques to keep our equipment clean. We are wiping all equipment between all homes and at the end of the day.
  6. We are washing all laundry multiple times.
  7. As always, we are not allowing our staff who show any contagious symptoms to enter the office or client’s homes. This is something we always feel strongly about and especially now. We offer services to the elderly community & to homes with young children which we do not take for granted. We encourage our clients to cancel appointments whenever they are not feeling well–no cancellation fee is applied during these times unless it is excessive.

During this time, we are all unsure what to plan for tomorrow and the following weeks/months. Should we decide to close our services down for any period we will contact you. We want to thank all our clients who have reached out to us and have offered to pay for any canceled services during this time. We greatly appreciate the caring support to our small business and especially our staff. If you feel strongly about supporting any staff member during this time we encourage our clients to consider having us do outside projects such as exterior window cleaning, garage & shed organizing/cleaning, etc. We have a lot of experience with various projects on our crew & we would love to keep busy during these times. 

Another option is to purchase a gift certificate to use at another time or to pass onto a friend/family member.

In closing, any client who would like to cancel their appointments, we completely understand & respect that decision. There will be no cancellation fee assigned. Please consider scheduling an extended cleaning when your resume services so we can return your home to maintenance standards.

We truly believe we are all in this together & we have faith we will be better as a community and planet once this passes.

Our Warmest Regards,

Olga Moya