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Services Policies & Terms

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Alert Cleaning Services, Inc. is a professional house cleaning service that is fully License Bonded and Insured for your protection.

All cleaning supplies and equipment are furnished by Alert Cleaning Services, Inc.

Our normal working hours are Monday thru Friday. Saturday appointments are available for one time thorough cleanings, move-in/out cleanings and holiday cleanings.

Our Guaranteed Work

Our professional team guarantees a thorough, top-quality cleaning service. If you are unsatisfied with our service, we will return the next day and re-clean the area. Please, report within 24 hours of the original service day to our office at (480) 786-3838.


For your children’s safety, we ask to have children under 5 years old to be under adult supervision while in the same area as a team member. For our team member’s safety, we are unable to user customer’s ladders. For higher items, we will used a 7th foot ladder, for higher areas we will use an extension duster to the best of our ability. We can reach up to two-stories with our extensions, reaching ceiling fans, ceilings, or lights. To decrease the risk of injury to employees, we are unable to move flip mattresses or any other heavy objects. We are also unable to clean up vomit, blood, urine, or excrement.

Reschedule Appointments

In the event that you reschedule  your service, we ask that you give a (72) hour notice. (3 days before). Any requests to reschedule that are less than 72 hours (3 days), the company may refuse to reschedule and will result in a late cancellation.

Cancellation Fees

Alert  Cleaning Services  requires cancellations to be communicated 48 hours (2 days) in advance of the cleaning service requested. Cancellations made less than 48 hours are considered to be late, and we reserve the right to charge a late cancellation fee of 50%. Up to 3 cancellations are permitted per household. We reserve the right to refuse service after more than 3 cancellations. Cancellations must be made by phone to a team member or our office at (480) 786-3838

Phone Use

Alert Cleaning team leaders’ members rely on communication between other team members in order to provide an excellent service. There may be instances where team members may be on their cellphones taking calls, texting, or taking photographs while cleaning.
We understand some customers prefer teams to stay off their phones while cleaning. Therefore, we will make every effort to maintain this when this is the case. However, some calls, texts, and photos may be required to sustain quality.


We understand your pets are members of your family. However, if your pet is afraid of vacuums, or happens to be territorial, we may suggest that they are placed in areas in which we are not working in. Our team members are not trained to clean pet excrement, which includes cleaning of litter boxes, cages, or dog kennels.

Breakage & Damages

Client should point out any damage to surfaces during walkthrough and before service begins. Alert’s Cleaning Services is sometimes called in to correct damage that was already there or that another cleaning company was responsible for. In this case we may require that the client sign off on a pre-existing surface damage waiver. In areas of the home with extreme clutter Alert Cleaning Services, reserves the right to skip those areas in order to avoid damaging items or injuring the cleaning techs. Surfaces such as hardwood floors and natural stone should be in good condition and ready to clean without causing harm to the surfaces when using a neutral pH cleaner. Alert’s Cleaning Services, uses non-toxic, eco-friendly products that do not stain or warp any surfaces. If you would like us to use your products instead, please understand Alert Cleaning Services, will not be held liable for any damage caused by your products. To prevent damage and for the safety of our cleaning techs bleach will not be used even if requested.


As a client, you agree to pay the amounts charged, including the cost for Services and other applicable fees, surcharges, and taxes as set forth by Alert Cleaning Services, Inc. Our company provides flexible options to accept payments such as a check, PayPal, ZELLE and Venmo. A $10 late fee per day will be charged after the missed payment due date. $35.00 fee is applied to all returned checks.


We appreciate your trust to refer our services, and we would like to thank you. For every two referrals you send us and becomes a client, you will receive a gift certificate of a $25.00 after our (5) referrals you earn a free standard cleaning.