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Construction Clean Up

Final & Remodel Construction Clean Up

Building or renovating a home/office takes time, planning and patience. After all of the work is complete, the project may look new, but most likely it is filled with dust , debris, dirty windows and the list goes on.

We help general contractors and builders turn over their final product to clients. Our processes, equipment ,experience and  cleaning professionals  with an  eye for attention to detail will guarantee you impeccable results.
Whether it’s a new build, a remodel or even minor construction we’re very familiar with and we know the right way to hand over final projects.

Construction Clean Up – A Phased Approach

PHASE 1 – Preparation:
A rough cleaning is usually requested after the framing, plumbing and electrical have been installed and inspected. This phase can be done before or after the drywall is installed. Phase one consists of the removal of large debris, stickers removed from any windows and the area will be broom swept. This will help prepare the unit for incoming subcontractors for painting, flooring, lights and cabinetry.

PHASE 2 – Prep Clean:
This cleaning is performed prior to the final “punch list” for all contractors. This is a more detailed cleaning of the house or unit which includes: detailed cleaning of the kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, countertops, and windows. It also includes cleaning of baseboards, light fixtures, walls, doors, mirrors, and appliances. Floors will be vacuumed and mopped and then the place will be ready for punch out.

PHASE 3 – Ready the Space:
Now it’s time to ready the space for business in phase 3 of the construction cleaning service delivery. Regardless of how careful the approach is during the Phase 2 Deep Cleaning, dust will inevitably settle on flat areas, furniture, and floors (we recommend allowing this settling to occur overnight). Thus, we perform a final dusting and wipe down of all such areas. Finally, another detailed vacuuming is performed and hard floors are again damp mopped, wet mopped, or auto-scrubbed depending on application and manufacturer instructions. The work is complete and you’re ready

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